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At Cherry Fold Primary School, we believe that mathematics is a fundamental life skill. We inspire all our children to be fluent mathematicians, who can reason mathematically and apply their understanding of maths in order to solve a range of different problems. We follow a ‘mastery’ approach to the teaching of mathematics, promoting a ‘can do’ attitude for all children. All our pupils are encouraged by the belief that, by working hard in maths, they will then ultimately succeed!

As of the 2023-24 academic year, our children at Cherry Fold Primary School will be taught mathematics using the following schemes of work:

  • EYFS Development Matters for Number and Numerical Patterns, including Early Learning Goals
  • Red Rose Mastery Maths (Years 1-6)

Below are our policies for mathematics and links to the 'sequences of learning' within each year group.

Mathematics Policy and Maths Feedback and Marking Policy 2023-24

Mathematics Calculations Policy, 2023-24

Mathematics Mental Calculation Policy, 2023-24

Mathematics Overviews, 2023-24

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Mathematics Progression at Cherry Fold

Our 'Intent' and 'Implementation' of Mathematics ...

Please find below an overview of our 'intent' for mathematics at Cherry Fold. This is followed by our ideas for 'implementing' these objectives...

What is Red Rose Maths?

The Red Rose Mastery scheme, which is used in Years 1 to 6, follows a 'mastery approach' to the teaching and learning of mathematics at Cherry Fold. This approach rejects the idea that a large portion of people 'just can't do maths' (NCETM, 2016). Instead, it focuses on the idea that pupils can achieve depth in their learning, which can be accomplished by using key principles. The Red Rose Mastery scheme has a multi-layered approach to the teaching of maths, focusing on elements of effective maths teaching, which are supported in both the National Curriculum and OFSTED Inspection Framework. These elements include:

  • Representation and Structure
  • Coherence
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Variation
  • Fluency

What is Mastering Number?

At Cherry Fold, we also follow the NCETM ‘Mastering Number’ intervention programme for all pupils in Reception to Year 2. The role and purpose of this programme is to allow all our children to develop a good number sense and to allow them to have automaticity in additive facts.

Metacognition and Mathematics 

Effective metacognition is  a cycle of planning, monitoring and evaluating. 

  • Planning is picking the correct cognitive strategy when approaching a problem or task.
  • Monitoring is checking your progress as you proceed through the task 
  • Evaluating is looking back on your process and assessing success 

Metacognition in mathematics supports our learning in the way in which we can become fluent in maths, the way we reason and how we apply our understanding in order to problem solve. It supports strategies to reflect on and evaluate our own thinking and the way in which we tackle a range of different mathematical problems

How can I help my child at home with their maths?

Below, you can find a variety of links that will direct you to websites, where parents can find interactive games, activities and ways that you can support your children with mathematics, that will support their learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Nursery and Reception - Maths and phonics games plus other interactive activities, suitable for Nursery and Reception - counting games for Nursery and Reception


Times Tables (Y1-6) - practise times tables and number bonds for Years 1-6 - timetables practice – all children Y2-6 have a log on for this.


Maths Games and Activities - Maths activities for all ages Reception to Year 13 –  Can access as a guest. - interactive and downloadable resources for Years 1 - 6 - Maths challenges for Year 1 – 6, some great SATs work. - Be A Mathematician – lots of Maths games and challenges to download for ages 5-14 - live lessons and resources for KS2 children and ideas for activities and games for younger children for maths


Key Stage 2 - lots of interactive maths games, suitable for all year groups - downloadable worksheets to print in all areas of Maths – suitable for Year s 2-6​ - 5 a day maths questions, plus videos and worksheets on most areas of maths – suitable for Years 3 - 6 - Maths game, free accounts available. Suitable for Key Stage 2. - Maths games and resources for all year groups