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Cherry Fold Community Primary School, Cog Lane, Burnley, Lancashire BB11 5JS


Cherry Fold Community Primary School

Enjoy, Respect, Succeed

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Welcome to

4B- The Harry Potters

We follow the Cherryfold values, Enjoy, Respect, Succeed!

Meet the Staff

Miss Byers

Miss A Lloyd

During your time in Y4, you will grow into an independent learner, aim to be more resourceful and resilient, make new discoveries about the wider world and develop lasting memories!  

  We follow a theme based curriculum in Y4, through which you will learn National Curriculum skills. Each half term, our theme changes so that you will be involved in lots of different activities, to enable you to become a better learner and achieve your potential.  Examples of our topics in Y4 include; Journey to Egypt, The Vikings and Burnley V Barcelona. We ensure your learning is enhanced by engaging in Enrichment days/Activities.  We will be having a visitor for our viking topic and during our topic, Endangered, we will be having an enrichment day which will include a visitor and lots of animals! This will also link to our science too. As well as all that, we engage in stimulating activities, in our Forest schools, making the most of our exciting outdoor learning environment. 

  In Year 4, we are encouraged to make our writing creative and exciting. We follow the Lancashire English Units and study novels linked to our topics such as, The Mousehole Cat, The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster and Gulliver’s Travels which inspire our writing further. Additionally, we use Acceleread to help us improve our reading, taking quizzes once we have completed novels and gain as many points as we can, the more we gain the deeper our understanding!  In Maths, we follow the Lancashire Red Rose Maths Mastery Scheme, which deepens our understanding of key concepts. By the end of Y4 we will have taken the National Multiplication tables check and are Times Tables Wizards after having learnt up to our 12x tables!   

  To support you on your learning journey, we hope that you will receive help from your parents and carers.  They can do this by listening to you read, helping you to learn your Spellings and Times Tables and encourage you to complete your weekly Grammar and Maths Homework Tasks. 

  Finally, we use Class Dojo to send pictures and messages home about what you have been learning and all the fantastic achievements you have made! 

We want you to have fun whilst learning. Remember Enjoy, Respect, Succeed! 


Children will have a reading book chosen by themselves appropriate to their reading level. Accompanying these books are their reading diaries, where you can write comments on their reading daily. Your child will also be given many opportunities    throughout the week to read a variety of texts and will then undertake an online quiz to assess their understanding of the text.

PPA Time

Mrs Wyllie will be teaching RE and PE on a Tuesday afternoon.


In Year 4, children are expected to complete two to three pieces of homework a week.

Your child has been provided with both CGP English and maths books to complete their homework. Each week, they will be provided with different page numbers in order to complete different tasks from each book!



Weekly spellings will be every Monday. You should practise these throughout the week, ready for our test the following Monday morning!


PE will take place every Tuesday and Thursday.

Please ensure a full kit is in school ready for your child’s lesson.


It is important to note your child can bring a healthy snack at break times such as fruit or vegetables.  We also encourage your child to bring water to drink in class throughout the day, but they may bring something else to drink with their packed lunch. 

Class Novel


Below are the statutory words for year 3 and 4.

 Common exception words are a key aspect of the KS2 English Curriculum. Children can practice these words which will help their school work, throughout the curriculum, as well as independent writes. 

  • Burnley v Catalonia

    This half term we will be comparing Burnley to Catalonia in Spain. We will be looking at human and physical features of both places. We will measure straight line distances between landmarks in Burnley and Catalonia, looking at 4 figure grid references. We will locate Catalonia on a map of Europe along with Burnley. We also will carry out a weather study for both locations in order to compare the weather climates.




    In science we are looking at the topic- Living things and their habitats. Throughout this, we will:

    • Learn how we can group living things in a variety of ways,
    • Learn to develop and use a range of classification keys to be able to identify different living things.
    • Compare living things in a variety of areas and will be able to suggest explanations for the differences.



    Key Vocabulary for living things and their habitats: 

    Classification, classification keys, environment, habitat, human impact, positive, negative, migrate, hibernate

    herbivorecarnivoreomnivoreproducerpredatorpreyfood chain


    Key vocabulary for working scientifically: practical work, fair testing, relationships, accurate, thermometer, data logger, stopwatch, timer, estimate, data, diagram,
    identification key, chart, bar chart, prediction, similarity, difference, evidence, information, findings, criteria, values, properties,
    characteristics, conclusion, explanation, reason, evaluate, improve.



    PSHE – Living in the wider world – Being my best.  


    This half term we will be looking at how we can be our best.

    We will be looking at what makes us all unique and why it is important that we appreciate our uniqueness.

    We will be discussing and having a go at making decisions and deciding whether we can make decisions just for us or is it based on what others might choose.

    To look at how we as individuals can make a positive impact on an environment.




    During RE we will be investigating Islam.

    Key Question: How should we live our lives?

    To answer this, we will be investigating at the following points:

    • Studying the structures that underpin Islamic beliefs and values in greater depth.
    • Studying Ramadhan.
    • Considering the role of commitment as part of religious life.
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4B's Climate Change documentary 

In English we created our own documentary to present what we have learnt throughout this unit and to influence our audience. 

This afternoon as part of our Science - looking at how states of matter change from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid we made some rice crispy cakes to demonstrate how this works with chocolate.