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Uniform Information

We are proud of our school uniform and pupils take pride in their appearance at school. It prepares them for their future in the world of work. By sending your child to Cherry Fold Community Primary School you are agreeing to follow the uniform code.

Please follow this link to buy your uniform online



Blue Cherry Fold sweatshirt (available at school office £8)

Yellow Polo shirt (available at school office £6)

Charcoal Grey trousers (no jeans or tracksuits)

White, grey or black socks (no coloured or patterned socks)

Black school shoes (no logos, trainers)



Blue Cherry Fold Sweatshirt (available at school office £8)

Yellow Polo Shirt (available at school office £6)

Charcoal Grey skirt/pinafore or trousers (no jeans, leggings or tracksuits)

White, grey or black socks or grey tights (no coloured or patterned socks or tights)

Black school shoes (no logos, trainers, boots, open toed sandals, high heels)

Blue checked summer dress Skirts, dresses and pinafores must be no shorter than knee length



Long hair must be tied back with a plain coloured bobble or a small blue or black bow to prevent the spread of head lice. Hair must be presentable, tidy and clean. No mohicans, patterns shaved into heads, parts of hair shaved shorter than others.



If your child has pierced ears they may wear very small studs (one only on each ear) which MUST be removed on PE days. Pupils may wear a watch. No other jewellery is allowed. Please do not get your child’s ears pierced during the school year – wait until the summer break when there is time for them to heal so they can be removed for PE in September).


PE Kit

ALL pupils must have a PE kit in school at all times. It must contain: Plain black shorts (not denim shorts, no logos or designs on them) Plain Navy Blue/Black tracksuit bottoms Plain Navy Blue/Black Sweatshirt. A plain white T shirt (No logos or pictures on it) Black pumps (canvas and plain).



Girls: One piece PLAIN swimming costume (no bikinis) and a towel.

Boys: PLAIN swimming trunks/shorts (shorts must be above the knee. Football shorts and Bermuda shorts are not allowed) and a towel. Children with a long hairstyle, male or female, must also wear a swimming cap. These can be purchased by school from St. Peters Centre for a cost of £3.50 or bought personally.