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The School Linking Project

Cherry Fold welcomed pupils from Reedley Primary School. We had a great day getting to know each other. We played games and made self-portraits. The next day, we were extremely lucky to be invited to Reedley school. We had another fun day together. We decorated pebbles, played sport and played many more games.

We have made many new friends.

Visitors From Different Faiths

Children's University

Faith Assemblies

The B Word Performance

The School Linking Project


Year 3 are taking part in the Schools Linking Project. The project aims to develop and deepen children and young people’s knowledge and understanding of identity/identities, diversity, equality and community.


Year 3 met with pupils from Reedley Primary School at Burnley Youth Theatre. The children got to know each other and put on a brilliant performance at the end of the day.



LKS2 took part in a Modern Foreign Language day.  The children were mixed up into different teams. Each team visited four different classrooms. They learnt some German, French, Spanish and Italian. They found out about different cultures and sampled different food.


The winning team was awarded a prize in recognition of them demonstrating teamwork, resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility, reasoning and reflection skills.