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R2-The Tiggers

Welcome to R2 - The Tiggers!

Tadpole Release

On Friday the Reception children went to Forest School to put the tadpoles and frogs back into the pond. The children have been watching the tadpoles grow and change for a couple of months. We all knew we had to be very careful with them and walked slowly to Forest School. The children helped do a countdown to release the tadpoles and frogs into the pond. When we came back to our classroom James said, ‘we put them back home’. Ellis said,’ I loved that, it was fun’.

Spring 2 Newsletter

Spring 2 Newsletter 1

We are learning these words, ask us what they mean!


Lonely, Great, Twinkle, Stable, Caretaker


Reception have been learning about the people who help them at home, in school and the wider community.

We have had visits from our Caretakers in School, the local Police and a Paramedic (Who was off duty and in-between night shifts…huge thank you!)

We were lucky enough to try on their uniforms and try the tools and resources they use to help us.

Spring 1 Newsletter

Spring 1 Newsletter 1

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Autumn 2 Newsletter 1
Autumn 2 Newsletter 2