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PSHE Education

At Cherry fold we have always believed in promoting each child’s personal, social, health and economic education. (PSHE). Our vision for the children is to foster a lifelong passion for learning. We have always placed a high emphasis on teaching about friendship, families, healthy lifestyles, feelings, rights, responsibilities and a range of other topics to encourage each child to be emotionally, physically and mentally healthy. This has been a choice we made as a school and never been statutory unless it linked to other curriculum areas such as science.  


As of September 2020 Relationships and Health Education has become a statutory subject and schools have until Summer 2021 to implement their curriculum. As a school we have decided to teach all aspect of PSHE education, including non-statutory elements such as financial education. We have drafted a new PSHE education policy which includes all the information on Relationships and Health Education. We plan to begin teaching our new curriculum after Easter. As a school we will use the PSHE Association materials and linked resources that they have quality assured.  


In Health Education your children will learn about: 

• Mental wellbeing 

• Internet safety and harms 

• Physical health and fitness 

• Healthy eating 

• Drugs, alcohol and tobacco 

• Health and prevention 

• Basic first aid 

• Changing adolescent body – This will include puberty.  As part of non-statutory aspects we may choose to teach human reproduction. This may be statutory in Science Education. 


In Relationships Education your children will learn about: 

• Families and people who care for me 

• Caring Friendships 

• Respectful relationships 

• Online relationships 

• Being safe 


This will all be taught at a developmentally appropriate level and a lot is already embedded in our current PSHE provision.  


Our new PSHE policy is available as well as a key document outlining requirements in more detail.  


As we begin to move forward to implementing statutory PSHE education we will be publishing a termly update so you can see what your child will be learning. This may include medium term plans, key vocabulary and resources. Your child may ask questions and talk about topics at home. We will always ensure that questions are answered at a developmentally appropriate level and you are made aware of this.  


If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to contact school and ask to speak to Miss Hann, our PSHE education lead.