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Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation Award

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Peer Mediation

Hi it’s the peer mediators here from Cherry Fold.

It is very important role if you are a peer mediator. We solve arguments. We introduce ourselves, ask what happened, how they felt, and how they feel now.

As peer mediator, we help people calm down. We take them inside to our peer mediation room and talk with them about the conflict they are experiencing.


We learned about STARR [ S=stop T=think A=act R=reflect R=reward]


GLIDE [G=greeting L=listening I=ideas D=decision E=end.]


When peer mediators see someone disagreeing with another person, they take them inside and tell them the 3 promises:

we will not take sides; we won’t boss around and won’t gossip but we will need to tell the teacher.’


3 ground rules: listen to each other; no shouting or name calling.

We were trained by two fantastic peer mediation visitors.



Peer Mentors views:


What has gone well?

I’ve helped people – John Lee

People don’t argue that much now.

People agree with each other more.

The playground is better.

People listen to us

They always come in now to sort out their problems.

People agree with the Peer Mediators.

It goes well.

We’ve stopped people falling out.

Every time I sorted a conflict they started playing nicely.

They shake hands.


What has gone not so well?

I was hurt once.

People haven’t listened to me.

Some people don’t listen.

I was shouted at.

At first they didn’t listen.

At first they answered back.

At first they ran off.


What would you change?

More people on duty.

Have Peer Mentors at lunchtime as well.

Other children’s view of the Peer Mentors:


They are so good.

They help other people.

They helped sort out our problem.

They help us be friends.

They help us play together.

They listen.

They are helpful.

They stop our arguments.


Lunchtime Staff’s Views:

They are brilliant!

They’re really good at helping other children.

They sort out the children’s problems.

There are less fallings out.

The children seem to be getting on better with each other.

Can they do lunchtime as well?

What is Peer Mediation?