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Healthy Schools

At Cherry Fold we work hard to promote health and well-being in all pupils, staff and parents. To contribute to this we are currently working on achieving Lancashire Healthy Schools status.


What is the Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme?

The Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme has been developed under the National Healthy School Standard and is a partnership project developed by Lancashire LEA, South Lancashire Health Authority, North West Lancashire Health Authority and East Lancashire Health Authority.


The Lancashire Healthy Schools programme aims to:

  • Raise pupil achievement
  • Enhance the health and well-being of pupils, staff and the wider community
  • Support the delivery of the PHSE and Citizenship curriculum
  • Show OFSTED that our school adopts a systematic and constructive approach towards addressing some of the more difficult issues
  • Provide a strategic framework to plan and deliver the most effective course of action to address local and government education and health priorities
  • Provide access to training and resources for teacher's professional development.
  • Help embed the school within the wider community.
  • Contribute towards staff retention and raising morale.
  • Promote pupil involvement and participation, thereby improving social relationships between pupils and between students and staff.
  • Demonstrate to employees, students and parents that the school takes young people's health and well-being seriously.


The Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme focuses on twelve Quality Standards. As a school we identify areas for development, write an action plan, complete actions and monitor the impact of this. Below are the 12 standards that we can choose from.

  1. Healthy eating
  2. Physical activity
  3. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco education
  4. Sex & relationships education
  5. Emotional health & well-being
  6. Safety education
  7. PSHEE & Citizenship
  8. Ethos
  9. Partnerships with families & local communities
  10. Leadership, management & monitoring change
  11. Curriculum planning & implementation
  12. Learning & teaching

We are currently working on achieving:

  • Physical activity
  • Sex & relationships education
  • Emotional health & well-being
  • Leadership, management & monitoring change

Next we will focus on:

  • Healthy eating
  • Curriculum planning & implementation


What is a 'Healthy School'?

"A Healthy School values all those who work and learn there, addressing the development of the whole person within the context of all aspects of school life.

A Healthy School provides a teaching, learning and listening environment which enhances self esteem and self confidence enabling everyone to fulfil their true potential.

A Healthy School also recognises its wider role in supporting the needs of its staff and young people within the wider sphere of society, culture and community."

                   Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme ~ Vision Statement

We Have Achieved

Physical Activity

Sex and Relationships Education

Emotional Health and Well Being


We Are Working On

Curriculum Planning and Implementation



Children's Mental Health Week 2021

Pupil Voice - Ethos

See here for our Ethos page.

Pupil Voice - Curriculum Standard

Click here to see our full Curriculum page.

Here are the pupil's views of the old curriculum (written in green) and what they thought about the learning when school started to follow the Lancashire Curriculum (written in pink).

The 5 R's

Cherry Fold 5R’s.

These are a set of skills that we are trying to embed in all children at Cherry Fold.

Each week the children are rewarded for demonstrating these skills when in school. There is one certificate given per class.

The 5R’s are:

- Responsible

- Resilient

- Reflective

- Reasoning

- Resourceful 



We promote the children being good role models to each other in all different contexts. We want the children at Cherry Fold to encourage one another and be ready to try new things. We want them to be responsible for their actions and understand that everything has a consequence. You can help at home by giving your children set jobs to do each week, asking them to help take care of younger siblings and encouraging them to try a new hobby.



We want all children at Cherry Fold to understand that giving up is not a way to solve a problem. We want our children to keep trying and think of new ways to solve a problem if something doesn’t work the first time. All staff encourage children to have positive attitudes and always smile despite any adversity. The children are encouraged to use a range of emotions as well as understanding that these need to be controlled. You can help at home by allowing your child to be independent and encouraging them to keep trying when they don’t succeed first time.



We encourage all children at Cherry Fold to understand that any feedback given to them is a way to progress and move forward in a positive way. We understand that all children have different strengths and weakness, this is something we encourage the children to understand. All the staff at Cherry Fold want the children to learn from their experiences and be the best they can be. You can help at home by sitting down with your child when something has gone wrong or their behaviour has been challenging and talking to them about the reasons why.



All the children at Cherry Fold are encouraged to take their time and think a situation through before they react. We want our children to be curious to find things out and ask questions to gather information. Problem solving is encouraged with all children and all staff want the children to finish all tasks they start. You can help at home by setting your child a job to do that they have not done before. This will encourage them to use problem solving skills and their confidence will be boosted when they complete the task, no matter how long it takes.



Perseverance is a key skill we need all the children to have. We encourage all the children to not give up and take risks in their learning. We want all children at Cherry Fold to think of different ways to solve problems and try all approaches as well as asking for help. We want the children to be able to work in teams and independently when doing this. You can help at home by talking to your child when they face a problem and thinking of a solution together.

Forest Schools Meets Healthy Schools

The children learnt all about keeping healthy outdoors, with regular exercise and proper diet. They also made some axes out of sticks and bark and were shown how to start a camp fire.