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Autumn 1 Family Courses

Autumn 1 Family Courses 1



School have just been awarded the INVEST award through Lancashire Education Awards for 'Developing Parental Partnerships through Family Learning'. This we could not have achieved without the fantastic support of all you parents, carers and extended family members who attend our  Family Learning Sessions throughout the year. I would personally like to thank you all for your continued support, I have a huge variety of sessions planned for next year for the children/parent sessions as well as Maths, English, First Aid and many more courses for the adults. Have a wonderful summer and see you all in September. Miss Heys.

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Family Learning Shout Out!! Whilst organising more Fun Family Learning Sessions for after Christmas, I received this wonderful card and chocolates from Lancashire Adult Learning. Thanking myself, staff and all our wonderful families for engaging, taking part and supporting the fun learning sessions we now have at Cherry Fold. A huge THANK YOU from myself for all your support. Miss Heys

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I would just like to share with all you Wonderful Parents/Guardians how your amazing support with Family Learning Session, has allowed me to become an Ambassador for Cherry Fold Family Learning Sessions. I work in partnership with Lancashire Adult Learning and talk at conferences about how enjoyable all our sessions are and how much they are supported by you. I would just like to share our first news feed and say a big THANKYOU to you all. Miss Heys.



If anyone needs help with the following topics, please do either contact the Women's Centre directly, or come in school and speak to Miss Heys.