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 Ideas for Parents to Support their Child’s Learning at Home


Provide children with paper and pens/pencils/crayons to draw pictures, engage in writing - including practising letter formation, writing simple words, captions, lists, simple sentences.


Provide opportunities for children to play boards games with adults or siblings, encouraging taking turns, communication, language and vocabulary skills and maths skills. For example dominoes, snakes and ladders, bingo, tiddly winks.


Opportunities for children to play in outdoor spaces – gardens, backyards (not visiting parks or public places.) Games which involve throwing and catching, (soft items from indoors such as sponges, scarves, balloons, etc. bubbles using washing up liquid and wire to make a simple bubble blower, skipping, jumping, hopscotch, etc.





The following websites are for parents to access with ideas of activities they can do with their child or activities they can set up to support their child’s continuing learning at home. - this site has 10 practical ideas for parents for reception and Year groups 1-6

  • twinkl has opened up their resources online to all schools and parents during this period of possible school shutdown. Access to resources will be password free. - lots of ideas for practical maths activities to do at home - provides short videos on games and activities parents can engage in with their child, many of which the children can then play on their own or with a sibling. - Numberblocks - activities for children to engage in to continue with important number skills such as counting, number recognition, simple calculation. – activities for children aged 0-5 chat, play read videos and activities for parents and children from 0-5 – lots of ideas for children to get involved in looking for nature in the garden /yard. Make a bug hotel using empty cardboard boxes left in a corner, and then look to see watch is hiding after a couple of days. Look on the internet to find out the names of the mini beasts hiding in your garden. / for nature’s detective ideas and activities