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Cherry Fold

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Curriculum Provision

Our school aims to provide every child with at least 2 hours of quality P.E. each week. 


We deliver the Lancashire Scheme of Work and build on children's skills through a variety of different sports.


The skills that children are taught can be used in a variety of different sports. We deliver a variety of sports for children to put these skills in to action.


These sports include:- cricket, tennis, badminton, football, tag rugby, rounders, hockey, athletics, gymnastics, dance, swimming, bikeability and orienteering.


Cherry Fold School Swimming

At the beginning of the school year we made some exciting changes to our school swimming. Previously our Year 3 cohort have had swimming lessons for the full academic year, unfortunately we found that by this age some of our children had developed a fear of water and were not meeting the expected end of Key stage 2 requirements. So this year we have introduced swimming to our Year 2 cohort and we will ensure each year group from Year 2 – Year 6 will participate in school swimming lessons each year. Each Year group will access the swimming sessions to boost their attainment and meet the age related expectations for the end of Key Stage 2.

 In the next academic school year, 2018 – 2019, we will also introduce swimming to Year 1. From this date forward, children from Year 1 – Year 6 will each access taught swimming sessions for half of a term each.

In addition to this, we actively encourage parents/carers to access the free swimming provision through Burnley Borough Council at the St Peters Leisure Centre and Padiham Leisure Centre. This can help many children gain confidence and swimming skills.


Swimming Data

The data below is based on the children’s current attainment. Each year the children will have additional lessons which will include interventions and boosters where appropriate, to ensure all children meet age related expectations.



Year 6 (2017 – 2018)

Swim 25 metres

Range of strokes


(Level 1 and above)

32 Swimming Sessions

2014 -2015

13/37 = 35%

13/37 = 35%

35/37 = 94%

 Swimming Intervention Sessions

July 2018

18/42 = 43%

18/42 = 43%

37/42 = 88%


The current Year 6 cohort will attend additional swimming booster sessions, we have chosen to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming (above the current national curriculum requirements) to increase the percentage of children meeting age related expectations in each area of the national curriculum.