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Sports Crew

Sports Crew Training

Big thank you to Mr Heap for delivering training to the Sports Crew. Now they are ready to hit the yards.

Picture 1

Sports Crew Meeting

We had a meeting to discuss the new Sports Crew timetable. The children will help bring equipment to and from the yards, they will also run different sport activities on different yards.

Picture 1

Meet Our Sports Crew

These are our Sports Ambassadors Lucas and Shannon.

Picture 1 Lucas from Year 6S
Picture 2 Shannon from Year 6M
These are our Sports Crew members. These children collect ideas from their classmates about different sports to do during break times and after school and feedback to our Sports Team.
Picture 1 Kelsey from Year 5M
Picture 2 Nikita from Year 5C
Picture 3 Finnley from Year 4D
Picture 4 Patryk from Year 4S
Picture 5 Liam from Year 3V
Picture 6 Emilija from Year 3W