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In Year 2 we have been learning about the Islamic religion and how Muslims follow Allah. 
We learnt that Muslims pray 5 times per day at  the Mosque or at home or at school. Muslims pray on a prayer mat and we were allowed to take of our shoes and look closely at the beautiful Islamic patterns. It was really fun, excellent and interesting.

Alfie has been awarded 'Man Of The Match' whilst playing for his football team outside of school!  Well done, keep up the good work.

Man Of The Match

Man Of The Match 1

Scott Park

Scott Park 1
Scott Park 2
Scott Park 3
Scott Park 4
Scott Park 5
Scott Park 6
Scott Park 7
Scott Park 8
Scott Park 9
As part of our theme we have been learning about the local environment so we walked to Scott Park. As we walked to the park we looked at natural and man made structures. Then we had time to play on the park which was really fun.

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